ScrapMir DT Call

Good day, our beloved readers!
Again came the exciting moment of the announcement of recruiting new designers in our team.
But before you read the rules and run to write a post about wanting to be with us, let me write a few words to the administrator of the blog and the head of all our together-rave-skrapovoy company.
Design team ScrapMir – it’s part of your and our lives.
  • We – we love our products! Really, really! Not a sign of gratitude for the generous dis-parcels. And because high quality materials, unique design, inspiring and just great!
  • We not only distribute tasks and MC, we come up with, discuss, argue, find common solutions, and if you do not find it terrible admin … oops, this information is given to know only selected designers)
  • We free designers. Our work is constructed so that we expand the creative boundaries and plan for the months ahead and on any force majeure in the administrator will find several publications in stock and it will not arrange hysterics about overdue work.
  • We – a team of crazy creatives, hohotushek, serious and real skraperov trudyazhek who like their job.


This will be the 7 DC our challenger.
What is it – it depends on you, our future designers)
If you are:
1. Do you like paper, you enchants its magic rustling and you can not imagine their work without paper – you’re our man)
2. have enough time and desire
– to create 8 creative projects
– comment and vote in the assignments
– participate in planning the life of the blog discussions
– to comply with the terms of its timetable
3. Can you take pictures and record video (preferred), to present a worthy work. Knowledge of Photoshop or the willingness to learn its basics.
4. Willing to learn, to try new things.
5. You live anywhere in the world)
– you’re our man!)
What awaits you after going through our family:
1. Working and warm atmosphere, professional approach and communication “behind the scenes”
2. Certificate for a substantial sum for the preparation of a set of individual TM ScrapMir materials. Materials will be sent a lot!
3. Individual work plan and project planning.
4. Special price for the materials for the entire duration dizaynerstva.
We give full freedom to our designers to take part in any other DC)
We only care about the quality of work we have))
How to apply:
1. Write a post with the application, by copying this post / part with a banner to his blog, FB, IG  or other social networks  + banner on the socket.
2. Tell us why you want it in our DC and praise yourself!))
3. Add 6 (!) of your favorite work – with links to more detailed posts. Show how you are able to work with paper (any manufacturer).
+1 your new or old videos (MC, review or any of scrap) Do you have the time to learn and make a few attempts)
4. Add a link to your post in InLinkz to 18/01/18 inclusive
The results we will announce the 23 07.2018
No non sono impazzita ma questa è una delle regole per poter partecipare alla selezione del DT di ScrapMir. ScrapMir è un brand Ucraino che ho il piacere di vendere nel mio negozio. E’ bastato uno sguardo per innamorarmene. Non solo dei disegni e colori ma anche per la qualità di tutti i suoi prodotti.
I’m not Crazy, but this is one of the rules to present my application to SDT ScrapMir. ScrapMir is a Ukrain Brand that I have the pleasure to sell in my shop. I Love their product at first sight. I love the pattern, the palette and the high quality of all the product.
Di seguito i miei 6 lavori:
Questo è il mio ultimo lavoro realizzato con carte Scrapmir, This is my latest work made by ScrapMir Paper.
Youtube video:

Cross  my finger

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